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Don SchaeferHi! I'm Don Schaefer. Our organization is on a mission to help you make your life count, to help you understand that your life wasn't an accident and that you are designed with a purpose in mind! To accomplish this we're teaching classes, doing workshops and putting out free weekly newsletters and video blogs. Please sign up for the latest and greatest newsletter and blog!

You can reach me at: [email protected]

Your time for success is right now and I'm here to encourage you to find it. People need to realize that everyone was created to have an extraordinary life and to have this life it requires doing extraordinary things.

There's an edge you can get, that will provide you the power necessary to propel you to higher levels of life. This life of ours wasn't made for sissies and it's time for us to step up to the challenge before us. The key is having the ability to break through any limiting beliefs and get yourself to follow through.

Success comes to us for specific reasons. It's not something that randomly happens to you, but something that you make happen.

Nobody Can Do This For You

I am personally witnessing changes in the lives of people that some would not see as possible. Some of you are taking some of your old almost forgotten dreams, dusting them off, building on them, and seeing new life. Wow, how exciting is that! We are doing this with the understanding of "Nobody Can Do This For You."

It's true, if our dreams are going to happen, we must muster every bit of motivation we can summon. So often in times past I found myself in a state of mind that held me captive, I was fearful, I was doubtful, I felt of little value, but things are changing. I have in the past two years come to the realization that there is tremendous value in pushing ourselves beyond our self-made limits. Many don't like pushy people, but there is a time where we need to be pushy, the time is now, and our future is depending it.

The encouragement I have for you is this, to find a way to push yourself a little every day, to come to a stopping point and then go a little further, this is how we are forcing ourselves to grow. To all our pushy adventuresome friends, have a great and advancing day!

Project Manager - Practical Steps to Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

"Free Classes Just for You"

I'm Dr Don Schaefer and I am very excited about the class I am about to launch here and appreciate you taking time to read this. I have been working with personal development programs for over 30 years now. It has been my quest to find the most of life and to be able to help others like you, find your purpose, joy and happiness.

It is my personal belief that we were all created by our Creator for different reasons, but the process of fulfilling these reasons is the same for everyone. The only way we can please our Creator is fulfill the purpose we were created for. It is much like the violin that was made by Stradivarius. The only way to give honor and glory in this case to the manufacturer, would be to play beautiful music. We are all by His design different instruments with different purposes. But until we can identify the instrument we are and perfect its use, our lives are out of tune and out of rhythm. We must fulfill our purpose to give honor and glory to our Creator.

What I have put together here in Creating Your Future, is the best of everything I have ever taught. It is seven lessons that are designed to help you reach higher levels of living. They will help you to be even more excited about life and your part in it.

Each class is a stand-alone class, but to get the full benefit of this course, you would want to be a-part of them all if possible. I plan on helping you step through all the possibilities of living a rich and power packed life.

If you want more for your life, feeling a little hopeless, possibly depressed, think you are on a dead-end street or if you just feel like there might be more to life than you are experiencing, then I encourage you to sign up and check out these classes. You were designed with greatness in mind and I would love to help you create that greatness in your future.

I am so certain that you will find value in these classes that I would like to give you a money back guarantee, except, these classes will cost you nothing but your time. If you desire to participate in this 7-week series, which we will be having on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm starting July 24th in the Appleton area, please contact me as soon as possible to sign up and get the location. We have limited space right now, but if the numbers are high enough, we will find accommodations to cover a larger class, and we need to know soon to plan for this.

Class Titles:

Week One: Creating Your Own Future
Week Two: Your Life Is Predictable
Week Three: Having Unlimited Potential
Week Four: Knowing and Getting What You Want
Week Five: Your Race to Perfection
Week Six: Your Attitude Is Everything
Week Seven: Making A Difference With Your Life

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You can let me know if you are interested by contacting me at: [email protected] or (920)277-0707.