Turning Back The Clock!

You Can Reclaim Your Youth!

Philippians 4:19 "And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!"

"I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there!" Michael Jordon

People will say all sorts of things when you ask them what makes them happy… some will say good relationships … others will say going places or achieving certain goals. But none of this can be greatly fulfilling if you are not in the physical shape needed to enjoy it. Good health and physical strength are huge components when it comes to the levels of our happiness.

I remember the day when I had broken my heel and had to stay completely off my foot for a couple of months… that was a hard thing for me to do. Just seeing others being able walk around with ease doing exactly what they wanted seemed so far removed from me at that time. There was some happiness I found in being around the people I loved, but part of me was sad, for I physically couldn’t do the things I wanted to do with them.

That was then and today is a new day… and I look at things a little different now because I can get around and do things that I couldn’t back then. I realize how important it is to keep yourself in good physical shape. It is sad to see some who give up levels of happiness due to allowing themselves to grow into the position of being totally not able to do things.

We are all designed with greatness in mind… but we were designed to control areas in our lives and many are losing their opportunity and happiness by default. There is a thought that not taking care of the equipment is okay… this is not okay and one of the prices paid for this is the lack of ability to do what we were created to do.

Getting old as one man said, is not for sissies… it takes an effort by each one of us to maintain that which is we have been given. Many will live with their excuses but when you get to the bottom of this, there really isn’t any excuse. Our health and well being is something we all need to put some effort into and we need to stop the self destructive behavior that will rob us of our future happiness.

We actually have two ways of which we can tell our age. One is chronologically which is the same for everyone and uses the time that we have been alive. The other way is biologically, which is based on our physical condition… where we can go to the doctor being 40 years old and he can say that we have a body of a 30 year old or a body of a 50 year old.

This is where the excitement starts… could it be possible that we could possibly turn back the clock on our lives… or possibly stop the clock … or possibly greatly slow it down? Our bodies consist of bones and muscles which are the foundation of our very being. So all that we can or cannot do is based on the condition of our foundation… and if we can work on building a strong foundation and keep it strong, we can turn back, stop, or slowdown our biological clock depending on the condition we are in right now.

It is said that starting at the chronological age of 30 we lose 7% of our muscle mass every 10 years and a certain amount of bone density if we don’t take the steps to preserve it. This has been an eye opener for me… it tells me that if I want the quality and productive life in my later years, I better be working on it today. It also tells me that after I learned this, that it now has become a choice that I have to make… let my biological clock keep running and it will… or make the choice to possibly regain my youth, by taking the steps to develop more muscle and bone density.

Many people have no idea how bad they feel or what bad shape they are in. Our bodies have an amazing way of adjusting to and making us comfortable in what ever we do. Therefore if we do not exercise it, it will adjust itself to this and we will gradually grow weaker, our muscles will become smaller, replaced by fat… and our bones will become less dense and easier to break. However the reverse is also true, if we exercise it… our muscles will grow, eating up the fat on our bodies and our bones will become denser, making them harder to break.

I have a yearly physical, where I go to my doctor and have him check me out… I tell him that I plan to live for 120 years and that I hope he is taking care of himself, for I want him as my doctor. What I give him is a break down of everything that I am doing from exercise to what I eat… he says that he loves this and looks forward to seeing me every year. But one thing he has said to me a number of times, is that he has a hard time working with many people for they don’t do what they need to do and when they have issues they come to him looking for the magic pill that will fix all. He says there is no magic pill and many times what he gives them is just something that will help the people mask the problem so they don’t have to deal with the main issue, and that is not eating right and exercising their bodies.

To help you with this I can say… much of the strengthening of your foundations will only happen if you can find a big enough reason for doing it. You can maintain or regain your youth if you want to and some of the reasons might be that you might want to continue or do more than you are doing right now… or it could be that you love the people in your life and you want to be a blessing and help them in any way you can.

The definition of youth is much more than the outward appearance… so many believe that if they keep their faces looking young that they will be young… I’ve got news for you… our youth is stored on the inside and works its way outside. People who take the time to work on strengthening their bodies will naturally have a youthful way about them.

There is an old saying, "We either use it or we lose it!"… I believe that this is very true. If we allow ourselves to lose muscles, we will be allowing ourselves to waste away. When we waste away, we allow our immune system to weaken… we allow fat to replace the areas where muscles once were… we open our bodies to many other issues… and we become less attractive and steady in the things we do.

But, this is a new day of miracles… our Creator has made us people of change and we can become strong in Him, not only spiritually but also physically. No matter what your habit are, they can be changed if you want them to… it is never easy, but the results are a special blessing just for you;

  • You will build muscle and burn more fat
  • You will both look and feel younger
  • You will develop more confidence and handle stress
  • You will build more bone structure, better tendons and ligaments

This will give you a better chance of turning back the clock and living the quality life that goes along with it… I hope and pray that all of you hear and take advantage of this opportunity!

Let’s us take control over our bodies and our lives!