Time For Action

There comes a time in our lives when we need to get into full swing and place some action into fulfilling our goals. We just need to get going, which for some is the most difficult part of life. Once we have taken the time to identify our values and have aligned them with our dreams, and have set up target dates, then it becomes the time to take action.

Our every day from this point on is so very important. Every day is another day of opportunity that can't be overlooked. If we are to achieve the greatness that we are looking for in life we need to plan each day to its fullest. We are now going to be looking at each day in front of us and planning it. There is going to be an objective for every day as we rise up from our beds.

All of our dreams need a target date… all of our target dates need an action plan. To save you time and energy the first thing you must do for each target date, is to create that action plan. The better you can plan, the faster and more efficient your journey to achievement will be. One thing I want to make clear is that an action list is different than the basic To – Do list that many have to keep their households going. An action list carries a much higher level of importance, for it holds the keys to reaching your goals and life purpose.

Your action plan is just a series of steps you must take to achieve your goals. When we were but a child, we had to learn how to stand up and walk. From there we were able to walk where ever we desired, and to accomplish what ever we wanted to get done. I have been injured in the past and spent some time off my feet and even in a wheel chair. In looking at the people around me at that time, I used to think of how fortunate they were to be able to walk and even run. Today I have a different appreciation for the ability to just walk.

What bothers me, is that when it comes to our dreams and goals in life… many have refused to walk or have not taken the opportunity to take the steps needed to reach a destiny. They see people walking all around them and don't even realize that if they are willing to stand up, plan some steps and start walking, that they also could be going places in life.

An action plan allows you to conceptualize and pursue a goal as if it were a single project. If done right and followed, it will help you to keep focused on the target in front of you. The issue many have is a lack of focus and therefore soon to be a lack of interest in the project or goal. Writing up daily action lists is like having a meeting with yourself daily to see where you are at and where you are going. This can be great motivation for you to keep moving on and a challenge to do even more.

Your action plan will become a major part in your planning and control system. This will be your daily "go to" plan that will help you to keep on track to reaching your goals. People who can work this well have a tool to reach levels those others can only dream about.

A goal is your destination… along the way there are many stepping stones to reaching it. Many times, people will refer to their goals in life as their plan or stepping stones. Your goals are just the destination or the target you are shooting for… your daily action plans are the actual plan as to how you are to live your life to reach that destination. To help put this clearly, you will have no obtainable goals without action plans.

As we talked about in another lesson, there is great power in visualizing your goals. But this is also true with your daily action plans… they actually can become your lampposts to brighten your path as you step your way towards your destination. Your action list should be your clear focus of what needs to be done on a daily basis. You should be visualizing daily the next steps that need to be taken.

Every objective we accomplish on our action list will be bringing us closer to our ultimate goals. We should be constantly inching our way closer and closer. There seems to be a piece of magic in using a daily action plan, for it sure will be a motivator for you to keep moving towards the next steps.

It is time now for you to set some time aside to take each goal that you have and write down all the actions you can think of right now on a sheet of paper to achieve that goal. Keep in mind that your legs are only so long and therefore the steps you are planning need to be small enough so they won't cause you to stumble. And to get started you need to specify your first step as you first objective on your action list. This could be your most important as well as most difficult step; and this will be the step taken tomorrow when you activate your plan. Don't put this off… you need to get started on this plan as soon as humanly possible. Your chances of never doing this increase each day you don't start... so start RIGHT NOW!!

Once you start an interesting side of life gets activated. I would like to call this your opportunity side of life. It is the side that opens you up to more and more opportunity. It is where the 3% who work with dynamic goal setting can make up to 10 times the amount more then the 97% who do not use dynamic goal setting. You have heard it said that some people seem to get all the breaks… there is a reason for this. We didn't get to the moon because someone had a great idea and set a date to it. There was a reason for it and that was some people took the time to put a step-by-step plan together and executed it.

Breaking down goals into objectives is one of the greatest secrets used by every super achiever. By this point you should know this secret as well and I hope that you can get excited enough to grab a goal right now and start putting plans together. The future is waiting to be concurred and it is up to you and me to get into the playing field to make this happen.

Let's write that action plan and get moving Right Now!