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Your time for success is right now and I am here to help and encourage you to find it. The thing that people need to realize is that everyone was created to have an extraordinary life and to have this life it requires you doing extraordinary things. With The Project Manager Workshop we intend to help you find out what is missing from your life and teach you how to take action steps for creating momentum, energy and passion.

There is an edge that you can get, that will provide you the power necessary to propel you to higher levels of life. My thoughts in life are that if our Creator has promised it to us, than it is up to us to find it which is what this workshop is all about. This will become our hour of power and our time to shine. This life of ours wasn't made for sissies and it is time for us to step up to the challenge before us.

This is a results oriented workshop that is designed to find out what's really stopping you and how to change it once and for all. We will be learning strategies for creating momentum and turning your dreams into a reality. All you will be doing will be purpose driven, giving you massive action plans to increase your energy and production level. Our Creator has a driving force inside each one of us as human beings that once it is unleashed can turn any vision, dream or desire into a reality. The key to this is having the ability to break through any limiting beliefs and get yourself to follow through.

The truth is that success comes to us for specific reasons. It is not something that randomly happens to you, but something that you make happen. I remember a situation in the 1980's where a fan yelled to Mike Ditka head coach of the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears as he was leaving the field that his team was lucky. Mike stopped in his tracks and went back to that fan and said that this was not luck, but hard work that has finally paid off. In this workshop we will be shedding any lucky thoughts and be developing some work ethics that will allow us to obtain our goals. You will be learning how to live a principled life that will be the formula for positive, predictable results.