It's All About Action, Becoming The One That Steps Out!

James 2:18 "But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do!"

Becoming The One That Steps Out!

"What ever you can do or dream you can; begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!" -Goethe

You can have everything successful that life has to offer… an education, a fine job, a home, a family and still not be fulfilled. There is an area called your purpose for living, which often gets overlooked in our quest to find success as others find it. We are not created the same and what might be great for some might not be so great for us. When Colonel Sanders retired from his job, he wasn't fulfilled yet in life, he had a product to sell and as history tells it, he knocked on over 1000 doors before someone bought into it. I thank God that he was persistent enough to put the action needed to fulfill his dream… for without him, I would not have my Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I love so much.

As a matter of fact, it was because of the Colonel's actions that I had a job back in the late 1960's … for I was a certified Kentucky Fried Chicken cook for about a year. I remember going to the Marcus Corporation building where they made and distributed Colonel Sander's special and still secret recipe for the breading of the chicken before it was deep fried. It amazed me of how secret and protected that recipe was… but it sure made the chicken taste so good.

There seems to be so many people who are walking around not happy about themselves and what they are doing in life… if you are one of them, I am here to say that there is still hope for you. All it has taken for the Colonel and will take for you is the right action to fulfill your dreams. I believe strongly that your dreams are there for the purpose of directing you to complete the purpose your Creator has for you.

It saddens me when I see people come up with a great idea… they lay out a perfect plan… there is all kinds of excitement… and the next thing that happens is NOTHING… they can't seem to get themselves to act upon it. That is why I often mention that every new idea in the beginning is ever so fragile and needs to be acted upon as fast as can be or it will die before it ever finds life.

If you take the time to watch achievers in life, you will see people who, right or wrong, are willing to stir up some sort of action to keep their dreams and goals alive. I love being around people like this, for they motivate me and they are usually happier people; they truly are living their dreams. These people have a deep rooted want-to going for them… for it seems that the more desire a person has; the easier it is to get moving.

There is a special commitment to the dream that achievers are willing to pay and non achievers are not. Achievers are willing to lay down many parts of their lives to the purpose at hand; for they realize that they will never receive all the joy that life has to offer through fulfillment, unless they are willing to spend themselves. Life should be all about the fulfillment that we can receive from it and this is going to cost you something, but the rewards of a fulfilled life are priceless.

Now I am going to bring something up that might play with your mind a little… the key to action is confidence and the key to confidence is action. Yes, that is right, you have to do one to get the other… the problem many people have is that they get caught in the middle. They have a good dream, but don't take action and have no confidence. This can be a trap that you need to get yourself out of… and the best way of doing this is getting into action right now. I didn't say tomorrow, I said Right Now! It is all about Action!

The confidence will always find its way into your life once you can define a plan of action and can force yourself into doing something. You can develop confidence to a point where you don't even understand it… it is just there. A good example of this is Henry Ford when he wanted a V8 engine for his automobiles; when he asked his engineers to design one, they said that it was impossible. Henry told them that it was not impossible and to just do it. Because of his confidence the rest is history… many of us today are driving with a V8 engine in our vehicles.

We have to understand that if we are working the same process again and again and it is not giving us what we want, we need to change. Not to change is what some call insanity; in expecting change, but doing the same thing and getting the same results. Many think in their inactivity, that somewhere down the line, positive thing are going to happen… this is not rational thinking. Putting your life into an action mode not only breeds change but gives you an opportunity to be fulfilled.

Confident people have proven themselves over and over again. They reach an unstoppable level and live in an understanding that they just know that they can do all they want to do. You see people in all areas of life that have reached this level and it becomes exciting just to watch them. One person that comes to mind was Michael Jordan in the last few minutes of the game… the rest of the team would step to the side of the court and just give him the ball… he always managed to make the shot they needed.

It's true, it is kind of a paradox… we can't get confidence without action and we can't get action without some sort of confidence, but we must make a breakout moment, we must make something happen, this is the only way for us to get out of this insanity. Our Creator has created all of us with purpose in mind, but that doesn't mean that it is going to be easy fulfilling that purpose. To find our fulfillment in life many times means that we must lose something in the process and that can be hard to do, but must be done. The sooner we understand this and act on it the easier it is on us. It is hard for people who have allowed themselves to get set in there ways to experience this. I didn't say that is was impossible, but it might take a more explosive moment for it to happen.

Many times I say that if you are going to do what most people do, then you are going to get what most people get. And most people I find don't have the peace and joy their in life that has been promised to them… and it is because of the lack of action. I can help some of you with motivation, so when the day comes to an end, you will find success if you step out from the crowd and learn how to motivate yourself. There are many ways to do this but it is up to you to find the way that motivates you.

We are either moving towards our goals or away from them… both require some sort of action… doing nothing is an action that will never produce fulfillment in your life. We have been given a free will to choose the service we will be involved in… my choice is to keep as much action as possible in the direction my Creator has for me.

Today is your day and it's your day to step out and get some unstoppable action in your life.

Your future is counting on your actions today!